Why Modo?


Modo is a well-proven application in the field of footwear design and it would most certainly benefit any aspiring designer to explore what has to offer. 

Although you don't need to have expert modeling skills within Modo to participate,  this course does require that you have a basic understanding of Modo's UI and feel comfortable navigating within the viewports. 

If you don't already have Modo, you can click on the link below and...

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Yep, for only the price of a nice dinner out, you can gain this valuable skill.

From painting on the digital Last (aka "shoe form"), to creating gorgeous final renderings, this course contains 60+ follow-along videos, approximately six minutes each, designed to get you up and running (pun intended) as quickly as possible. Sample models and images are included. Follow along with the design I create or create your variation as you go. It’s up to you.
Go for it

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Chapter 1: Overview

    • ON YOUR MARK...
    • Working with images
    • UV mapping basics pt-1
    • UV mapping pt-2
    • Painting tools pt-1
    • Painting tools pt-2
  • 3

    Chapter 2: Let's Begin the Build

    • Download Assets
    • Painting on the shoe
    • Line painting on the Last
    • Topology Pen review
    • Prepping the Last
    • Building the Saddle
    • Building the Toecap & Overlay pt.1
    • Building the Toecap pt.2
    • Building the Foxing
    • Bulding the Tongue
    • Mirror the Toecap
    • Mirror the Saddle
    • Assign materials
    • Thickening the panels
    • Reshape the Foxing
    • Adjusting the Foxing
  • 4

    Chapter 3: Let's Keep on Buildin'

    • Don your oxygen masks, we're gonna climb high
    • Creating the Eyelet
    • Creating the Insole
    • Adding the Achilles Notch
    • Thicken the Shell
    • Creating the Collar Pad
    • Tweaking the panels pt.1
    • Tweaking the panels pt.2
    • Thicken the Tongue
    • Lace Item tool pt.1
    • Lace item tool pt.2
    • Creating the Eyelet tabs
    • Addendum to Eyelet tabs
    • Lacing the shoe pt.1
    • Lacing the shoe pt.2
    • Lacing the shoe pt.3
    • Lacing the shoe pt.4
    • Intro to Stitching
    • Stitching the shoe
    • Tweaking the upper shoe pt.1
    • Tweaking the upper shoe pt.2
    • Fancy up the sole
    • Laces: Freeze and Untwist
    • Laces: Pinch and Smooth
  • 5

    Chapter 4: Putting the Pretty in the Product

    • Additional Download Assets
    • Introduction to materials
    • Image maps
    • Applying image maps
    • Image effects
    • Introduction to UV maps
    • Prepping the Shell for texturing
    • Applying image maps
    • Texturing the Saddle
    • UV mapping Tongue and Foxing
    • UV mapping the Collar Pad
    • Adding the "N" logo
    • UV mapping the Laces
    • Adding a Decal
  • 6

    Chapter 5: Render....Oooh...Ahhh

    • Clean your scene
    • Adding camera, lights & ground
    • Shader tree overview
    • Final render pt.1
    • Final render pt.2
    • YOU MADE IT!