Who's it?

HELLO TO YOU ALL! ...and welcome

Recognize a few of these names? 

These are just a few of the companies whose design teams I have had the privilege of training in the use of Modo.  And I have fond memories of each. 

I have been using 3D software of various types for a very long time, over twenty years by my reckoning. 

I spend a substantial portion of that time as a visual effects artist working on numerous commercials, television shows and movies. During my time as a visual effects artist, I have worked with studios like Digital Domain, Mirada Studios and Flash Filmworks, among others. 

Developing the Modo Methods for Designers website, I feel as if I have returned to my roots.

As one who was trained in industrial design, Modo resinates with me.

As a 3D visualization tool, Modo is by far, my favorite, mostly because it feels like the most intuitive. It's definitely the tool that will open the door for designers to better express their ideas in 3D space. 

More recently,  I've continued training my automotive clients. I've also kept my hand in as a product visualization specialist.

Currently, I am teaching Modo courses at the Academy of Art University, School of Industrial Design and loving it!

Aside from taking on product visualization projects,  I  also conduct onsite Modo workshops for schools and design firms. And now...allow me to share my passion for 3D with you.


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